These days I’ve received the first sketches for the new design for Timeline of Historical Film Colors. It will include galleries for individual films or special topics related to the detailed pages. Some entries such as the one for tinting consist of more than 200 images—photographs of vintage prints, scans, technical illustrations—that will be divided into separate galleries.

As soon as the new design will be online, I’ll start to upload the hundreds of photographs that I’ve taken in archives such as the Film Academy Archive, Deutsche Kinemathek, National Film Archive in Prague or British Film Institute.

In addition to the new gallery, the starting page will look completely different with the processes arranged according to the underlying classification system. The diachronic overview will be still available as well.

My student assistants are currently working on many texts for the new fields “contempory reception,” “patents,” “restoration,” “contemporary reception”, and “selected analyses.”

Follow this blog to experience the further development of Timeline of Historical Film Colors.


The new design will include galleries for individual films or other sources. These galleries will be visible in the diachronic overview as shown here. They will be a primary feature of the individual detail pages.



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