As of now the new design of Timeline of Historical Film Colors is online with the following novelties:

  • A new starting page with a new and very accessible classification system. This system allows you to understand the color processes even better and to have direct insight into their historical development. Alternatively Timeline of Historical Film Colors can be displayed in chronological order as before.
  • New fields for patents, restoration, selected analyses, and contemporary reception. Several hundred patents are offered for direct download.
  • Individual galleries for photographs of selected historical prints. Direct links allow you to share them selectively on social media.

To make it even more exciting I have uploaded the photographs taken at the Academy Film Archive. Many other galleries from famous archives in Europe and the US are online, many more will follow.

Which gallery is your favorite one? Post it on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #filmcolors.

Furthermore now there is an interface developed by Stripe1 which allows you to become a sponsor of Timeline of Historical Film Colors now. Learn more about the financing scheme here and support the further development of the project.


Photograph of a Technicolor dye-transfer print of Gone with the Wind (USA 1939, Victor Fleming). Credit: Image courtesy of the Academy Film Archive. Photograph by Barbara Flueckiger.

1 Stripe is a Californian start-up founded by brothers Patrick and John Collison. It is designed to facilitate payments for developers and companies. Try it out by supporting Timeline of Historical Film Colors…

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