The Third International Conference ‘Colour in Film’ will be held in London from March 19-21, 2018, organized by the Colour Group (GB), HTW Berlin and the University of Zurich, in cooperation with the BFI and Birkbeck, University of London.
The event will include screenings in the BFI’s NFT3 theatre, keynote lectures and presentations from international film and colour scholars, and will feature a special  workshop by University of Zurich’s projects ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors and SNF Film Colors Technologies, Cultures, Institutions. The research teams’ contributions consist of

In a screening the team will present the short film Lea aus dem Süden (Gottfried Kolditz, GDR 1963) provided by the DEFA Foundation , one of the restoration case studies executed in ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors by Martin Weiss, based on material investigations and image processing developed Dr. Giorgio Trumpy.

The conference will also include a screening of the new restoration of the German Agfacolor film Münchhausen (GER 1943, Josef von Báky), introduced by film restorer Anke Wilkening from the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation.


Agfacolor negative of Münchhausen. Copyright: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation.

Please see conference website for further information.

Two bursaries of EUR 300 each including conference fee for the attendance of the Third International Conference Colour in Film in London, March 19 to 21. They are intended as a contribution for travel and accommodation expenses to young film scholars or archivists interested in the topic. Please send your application to Dr. Evelyn Echle, Scientific Research Manager, ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors.

Registration is open, places are limited!

View the 3rd International Conference Colour in Film 2018 schedule & directory.

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