At the end of March, the Swiss National Science Foundation granted a new research project for the investigation of film colors in animation and digital film production. The project compares color technology and aesthetics in European animation with US American and Asian (Japanese and / or Chinese) films from an intercultural perspective.

The project will use and extend the digital humanities tools for the analysis of film aesthetics that are currently being developed within the research project ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors. Furthermore it will be connected to the interactive web ressource Timeline of Historical Film Colors.

For the investigation of digitally produced or postproduced films we are looking for a PhD student in film studies who will complete our research teams. Please download job posting here. Attention: deadline is April 20!

The project has been created and will be managed by Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger at the Department of Film Studies, University of Zurich, Switzerland.


Screenshot of the digital humanities platform VIAN that will be used and extended within the project.
Film: Enter the Void (FRA 2009, Gaspar Noé)

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