Fotomuseum Winterthur and the FilmColors research teams of Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger are proud to present the exhibition Color Mania – The Material of Color in Photography and Film, curated by Nadine Wietlisbach, Director of Fotomuseum Winterthur and Dr. Eva Hielscher, Film Scholar and Guest Curator (see practical information at the end of this page).

The show exhibits film strips, large-format images and original prints, by which the development and history of color as a material in photography and film are illustrated. The exhibition examines the web of connections and processes of exchange between the media of photography and film, shedding light on the material dimensions of photo and film colors and focusing attention on their fascinating abundance.

Yet Color Mania does not just include exhibits related to historical color film and photography. The historical processes enter into a dialogue with works of art by contemporary artists, which demonstrate how these color processes are utilised today and how the material nature of color, as viewed through the prism of technology and cultural theory, is reflected on in current photography and the broader artistic landscape. In this regard, the works by Dunja Evers, Raphael Hefti, Barbara Kasten and Alexandra Navratil amplify certain aspects explored in the exhibition by means of historical documents and objects. The historical realm is connected here to an experimental and reflective approach drawing on a contemporary perspective.


The exhibition has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger’s research projects ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors. Bridging the Gap between Technology and Aesthetics and SNSF Film Colors. Technologies, Cultures, Institutions at the University of Zurich, with support from the Swiss National Science Foundation as an Agora project for science communication.

The film coloring workshop by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ruedel, HTW Berlin, will be one of the highlights of the related activities. Book your slot soon, the workshop will certainly be sold out quickly.


Film Coloring Workshop with Ulrich Ruedel, HTW Berlin

In addition there is a smartphone app with background information and color visualizations from the VIAN software. The app has been developed by Josua Fröhlich, in collaboration with the Visualization and MultiMedia Lab of Prof. Dr. Renato Pajarola, and Gaudenz Halter, all at the Department of Informatics, University of Zurich.


Short film program Color Moods at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Thursday to Sunday, Nov. 07 to 10, 2019

Special guided tour with Barbara Flueckiger, professor for film studies (University of Zurich), and book launch Color Mania, Saturday, Nov 9, 2019, 2 pm

Link to the exhibition at Fotomuseum Winterhur and the various activities:

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Winterthur is located in the Greater Zurich Area, close to Zurich Airport, easily reached by public transport.


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